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My Resume -- Updated 02/12/2003. -- Literary study guides online. My company, of which I am co-founder and sole technical guru. -- Begun as an extension of BookRags: IQ tests, personality tests, etc. For-profit self-knowledge testing site.


My Resume - February 12, 2003

View my resume. Current as of 02/12/2003.

About BookRags

I began work on BookRags in December 1999, and have been working on the website since then, sometimes as much as 100 hours a week, and other times as second job, adding content on weekends and in my spare time. Currently, I work full-time on BookRags and TestCafe, adding new content and features to both sites.

BookRags is the #2 free literature study guide web site online (after SparkNotes, which is owned by Barnes & Noble). The site garners 5 million pageviews a month. BookRags is run solely by myself and my partner, David Lieberman. All unique content on the site was produced by our 30+ contract writers over the course of the last three years. BookRags runs on Linux using Apache web server and relies on PHP for dynamic page generation as well as Perl/CGI, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and DHTML. We also use MySQL for user accounts and our custom message boards.

View BookRags at Boston's CollegeFest, which took place in the fall of 2001.

About TestCafe

TestCafe was started as a self-knowledge testing website after we noticed the immense success of our IQ Test on BookRags. TestCafe currently features six unique, premium tests which produce both free results and for-pay detailed evaluations.

Through BookRags, TestCafe, and our iVillage partnership, the TestCafe IQ Test has been taken more than 8 million times.

TestCafe runs on the BookRags server, relying heavily on Perl/CGI for generating test results and MySQL using DBI for storing user test scores. We use SSL and an outside payment provider for all credit card transactions made through TestCafe.